Fast, reliable, affordable, local fiber optic internet in the Piedmont Region of Central Virginia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What area are covered by FiberLync

Our initial service area consists of areas of the Piedmont Region of Central Virginia that currently do not have access to high speed internet.      

What are the speeds of FiberLync service?

FiberLync offers service speeds up to 1 Gigabyte for the average customer with no data caps ever!  FiberLync will work with business customers for a Broadband package that can meet business needs for higher speeds.

Are the speeds fast enough for gaming, streaming, tv, and managing my smart home products?

Yes! You will be able to stream your favorite tv shows and movies (using Roku, Amazon Fire TV box or Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV) and apps with high definition video streaming, control smart home products (Alexa, Ring, Appliances, Thermostats), Home Security Systems, Smartphones, Tablets, as well as play games while using multiple devices with speeds up to 1Gig service.